In Bakery & Cereal Products

Transglutaminase provides the following benefits in dough:

    • Improves rheological properties in bread dough and crumb consistency
    • Increases elasticity (pastas and tortillas e.g.)
    • Produces beneficial effects during preparation, similar to oxidant enhancers, improves texture and stability
    • Increases water retention capacity
    • Better fat absorption capacity
    • Emulsion stability, reflected in a greater volume and higher yield
    • Provides higher fermentation tolerance

One of the main problems associated with gluten-free bread is obtaining a good structure, Transglutaminase is an enzyme that catalyzes the acyl-transfer reactions by which proteins can be linked; this may be a way of improving the structure of gluten free bread. Tests have shown that TG has an effect on the specific volume of the bread as well as improved compact structure, reflected in the crumb texture.